See why the 3Shape TRIOS® 3 Basic is one of the most talked about products on the market.




Keep your lab with ‘Scan and 

Send-To’ technology

TRIOS 3 Basic is the most affordable and flexible option for your first step into digital dentistry – add workflows as you grow!

Send your production-ready scans to a wide range of treatment providers and more than 20,000 labs.

Get TRIOS 3 accuracy without the TRIOS 3 price tag. Upgrade within TRIOS family, at any time.

Easy Scanning

Artificial intelligence (AI) scan technology removes excess soft tissue as you scan, so scanning is easy  and accurate no matter your experience level.

TRIOS 3 Basic is one of the most talked about

products on the market. Here's why...

Easy Upgrade

TRIOS 3 Basic is the most affordable and flexible option for your first step into digital dentistry – you can upgrade within the TRIOS family at any time.

More Happy Patients

Digital impressions can reduce chair-time and patient discomfort¹ which allows you to retain happy patients for longer. 

What's the difference between TRIOS 3 and TRIOS 3 Basic?

In 10 words or less - Lower scanner price.  Lower subscription fee. 

The 3Shape TRIOS 3 Basic is the perfect way to ease into digital dentistry. Plus, you’ll receive support and training from Henry Schein’s team of dedicated TRIOS trainers. As an entry-level scanner, the TRIOS 3 Basic allows for a simple “scan and send-to” workflow, so you can continue to work with your preferred lab, all with the possibility of growing your digital practice.

What your peers have to say about TRIOS...

“Technology puts me at the forefront of dentistry in Alaska. Not many offices nationwide have... equipment such as a TRIOS scanner."

Dr. Jerry C. Hu  |  Family Dentistry, LLC

“The effect on my practice has been tremendous. We save time using TRIOS digital dentistry solutions. Time where doctors can be seeing other patients."

Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz  |  NYC Prosthodontics

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