Supercharge Your PPO Reimbursements: Insider Secrets Revealed

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July 25th, 2024 | 7PM ET | 30 min

About the Webinar
Ready to maximize your practice's bottom line? Join us for tips and tricks to tackle your PPO reimbursements and take away actionable next steps to avoiding common PPO problems.

Inside you’ll learn:

🔍 Understand the nuances of PPO participation, unravel the mysteries of Out-of-Network, Direct Contract, PPO to PPO Leasing, and Umbrella Networking.

💡Discover why reimbursement rates fluctuate and unveil the hidden power of PPO leasing and umbrella networks.


🔧 Master the art of PPO negotiations with proven strategies to dodge unexpected reimbursement pitfalls.

Brittany Searles

PPO Reimbursement Negotiator

Unitas PPO Solutions

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