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Dental Lease Negotiation: What I Have Learned From My 20 Years in the Business


September 7th, 8pm ET

Eric Pook,

President,Cirrus Consulting Group

Scott Goldberg, MBA

Director of Leasing, Cirrus Consulting Group

The dental office Lease is a critical, yet often overlooked component of most dental practices. This never before shared webinar will touch upon some of the issues and trends that I have seen in twenty (20) years of negotiating leases on behalf of dental practitioners, and practical ways to remedy them. 

I expect that you will find this event surprising, perhaps shocking, but most certainly educational.

  • Why you are IMPORTANT to the landlord and how to use that to your strategic advantage
  • Common, shocking lease case studies and how to address them - Lessons learned from years in the “game”
  • The questions that you don’t know you should be asking

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