Medit i700 Wireless

Medit i600

Medit i700

The brain of the i700 with a splash of color! Take full control of your scanning with clicks of one button. No need for numerous cables and hubs. Simply plug and scan using a single cable!

Medit i700 Wireless is the same super fast, light, and accurate i700 with powerful hardware and intelligent software. When the scanner’s cable disappears, so do restrictions to scan movements. Scan proximal areas effortlessly without constraints in movement. 

The Medit i700 makes the scanning experience a comfortable one for both dentist and patient. Unlike most scanners in the market, it can be directly connected to the PC using the power delivery cable without power hub and extra cables.


Completely open, affordable, and fast.

Medit’s completely open system means the Medit family of scanners works with virtually any other digital technology you already have in your practice.

Seamless integration, with no headaches.

Upgraded software included with your purchase.

Use Scan Data for a Wide Range of Applications

The Medit Link open system enables you to use your scan data for a variety of workflows, with any software that allows the import of STL, PLY and OBJ files.

This means that you can use scan data for:

Clear Aligners l Crowns and Bridges l Implant-supported Restorations l Full and Partial Dentures

Orthodontics | Implant Surgical Guides l Sleep Apnea Devices l Dental Models l 3D Printing

Open, Affordable, and Fast!

With so many amazing and affordable scanners to pick from, Medit has something for every practice.

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