How I 3D Print: Surgical Guides, Dentures, Provisional Crowns & Aligners

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Curious About 3D Printing?

Check out our latest e-book from Dr. August de Oliveira!

Dr. August de Oliveira describes the addition of 3D printing to his practice as ‘a paradigm shift’ — and for good reason. Download this complimentary e-book to hear from Dr. de Oliveira about his full adoption of 3D printing from ‘hard’ benefits, such as lab cost savings and efficiencies for patients, as well as the ‘softer’ benefits, such as a diversified treatment mix, increased case acceptance and a more engaged and energized team. This e-book is packed full of critical information for dentists who are considering adding 3D printing to their practice, including: 

Keys to a successful 3D printer implementation: such as team training and identifying cases that are well suited to the technology

Lab cost savings: Dr. de Oliveira shares how in-office 3D printing saves him over $8K per month in lab costs

Key steps of the post-printing process from support removal to staining and glazing for a variety of applications including provisionals/restorations, dentures (teeth and base), models and surgical guides

Post-processing 101: learn the ins and outs of all the key steps

A full review of all applications: that can currently be printed on a SprintRay printer

PLUS two in-depth case reviews: featuring 3D printed implant guides, provisional teeth and hybrid provisional dentures

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