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Tired of Low PPO Fees? 3 Steps To Fix


February 28th, 6 PM ET

Chloe Hironaka, 

Sales CoordinatorUnitas PPO Solutions

Unitas Dental has helped thousands of practices across the country to receive higher PPO reimbursements. After years of working with practices just like yours, Chloe Hironaka from Unitas Dental will help address some of the most-common issues a practice faces when negotiating their PPO fees. 

Join Chloe on this exciting webinar where you can ask your PPO questions and get real answers.

- How to know if your Office Fees are priced competitively for your area

- How to know exactly which PPOs you participate with and what you're SUPPOSED to be paid

- How to negotiate and optimize PPO reimbursements and maximize revenue

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