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Up to $5,000 savings on DEXIS Titanium Sensors

DEXIS Titanium by KaVo

One Size Sensor | Up to $5,000 Savings!

Continuing the legacy of providing the best in intraoral digital imaging, DEXIS Titanium is everything you’ve come to expect from DEXIS innovation and more. DEXIS Titanium’s CleanCapture technology produces extraordinary images with improved signal performance and expanded range. Enhanced with durable materials, these sensors are tested to withstand impact and help eliminate failure. DEXIS Titanium’s new sensor motion-activation feature allows you to capture X-rays without touching your computer, improving workflow efficiency.


Trade-In to DEXIS Titanium and Software


DEXIS Sensor Trade-In to DEXIS Titanium


MSRP: $15,990

MSRP: $10,995

A first of its kind, the DEXIS Titanium features innovative sensor gesture-recognition, allowing you to initiate image acquisition within the DEXIS software and begin taking X-rays without touching your computer. It will easily improve your workflow efficiency. 


Dexis Gesture Control

With CleanCapture technology, you’ll increase your confidence in diagnoses with improved signal performance and an expanded dynamic range. The new DEXIS Titanium sensor captures consistent, phenomenal images with improved tissue contrast across a broader spectrum of radiation levels especially at low doses. 


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Each sensor is designed, engineered and tested to withstand impact and help eliminate failure. Included in your first year of ownership is KaVo’s Complete Premier level coverage, providing you with next day, no charge replacements. 


DEXIS Titanium’s PerfectSize™ sensor built with TrueComfort™ design allows for enhanced patient comfort and the use of one sensor for the capture of all intraoral images. This unique shape and size lets you quickly and comfortably place the sensor for an even more efficient and less-stress workflow.


Upgrade your image quality today.

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In order to receive $5,000 in savings of MSRP DEXIS software and Titanium sensor bundle must be purchased with item code 135-2896 on order. In order to receive $2,000 in savings off MSRP an existing DEXIS sensor must be traded in and a DEXIS Titanium sensor purchased with item code 135-3225 on order. Offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offers or financing offers. DEXIS sensor offer valid February 11 through April 26, 2019.

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