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The Henry Schein Dental Business Institute Webinar Series covers a variety of topics to help prepare not only practice owners, but all Dentists for what to expect during and post COVID-19. Hear from industry experts on how to navigate through these difficult times as practices begin to resume dentistry.

Secrets to Finding the Right Associateship During the COVID-19 Recovery

Secrets to Finding the Right Associateship During the COVID-19 Recovery

Cindy and Heather will discuss general best practices as well as the nuances of conducting an associateship search in the midst of a pandemic recovery.

Aired: On-Demand

Presented by: Cindy Bickers, Manager of Nationwide Dental Opportunities, Henry Schein Dental

Pandemic Impact on Practice Values & Transition Planning

Join Dr. Thomas Snyder for an in-depth review of how practice values may be affected for the remainder of 2020 and what key factors influence a dental practice’s value.

Aired: May 26

Presented by: Tom Snyder, Senior Director, Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions

Thinking About Buying or Selling a Practice During the Pandemic Recovery?

Join Dr. Thomas Snyder, who will discuss what steps are required if you are considering a practice sale in the next 12-18 months, as well as practice sale and financing strategies, and key elements of a deferred sale.

Aired: June 1

Presented by: Dr. Tom Snyder, Sr. Director, Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions

How To: Revamp Your PPO Strategy to Recoup Lost Revenue

Join Scott Hironaka for a review of proven PPO strategies that dental practices -- whether they are an established PPO practice, a startup practice, or a fee-for-service practice -- can implement to immediately begin maximizing revenue.

Aired: June 9

Presented by: Scott Hironaka, Vice President of Unitas Dental

Preparing to Hire an Associate Dentist During the COVID-19 Recovery

Join Cindy Bickers for an in-depth discussion about the nuances of searching for and adding an associate to your practice during the COVID-19 recovery period.

Aired: June 17

Presented by: Cindy Bickers, Manager of Nationwide Dental Opportunities, Henry Schein Dental

Investment Strategy: An Update on the Economy and Impact to Dentistry

Join Michael O’Keeffe and Sneha Jose, who will share an update on economies and markets, all in consideration of the impact of COVID-19 and will discuss the general economic and financial market environment given COVID-19.

Aired: June 24

Presented by: Michael P. O'Keeffe, CFA - Stifel Investment Services

CARES Act Funding for Medicaid Providers

On June 9, 2020, HHS announced a $15 billion distribution from the Provider Relief Fund would be available to eligible Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) providers. Join Mark D. Polston and Allison F. Kassir for key learnings that they have gained from their experiences with advising clients on eligibility for, and conditions of, receipt of this funding.

Aired: June 25

Presented by: Mark D. Polston and Allison F. Kassir, King & Spalding

How to Reach and Retain The Uninsured Population and the Role Dental Savings Plans Can Play

Join Jennifer Stoll for a discussion about how to reach and treat uninsured patients with easy-to-administer dental savings plans, and how to understand the impact that online reviews, online directories, and enhanced profiles can have on your practice and patients.

Aired: June 30

Presented by: Jennifer Stoll, Chief Commercial Officer of DentalPlans.com

Successfully Plan, Execute & Track Your Practice Recovery: A Step-by-Step Program

Join Tarah Grauer, who has counseled hundreds of dental practices, for an overview of strategies that can be implemented to measure: the impact of COVID-19, how to implement production back into your schedule, and reduce overhead in this new environment.

Aired: July 7

Presented by: Tarah Grauer, Practice Development Coach, Henry Schein 360 Practice Development

OSHA & CDC: Steps to Compliance in the Era of COVID-19

Join Karson Carpenter for a review of best practices for complying with OSHA laws and CDC guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Emphasis will be placed on how to decrease liability for your business, protecting your staff members and yourself, creating a safe environment for your patients, and returning to profitability.

Aired: July 15

Presented by: Karson Carpenter, President of Compliance Training Partners

(Re)Hiring Your Team: Safety, Compliance & Reluctant Employees

Join Ali Oromchian as he discusses some of the most common issues dentists are facing in the current environment. Ali is joined by Dr. Jonathan Levine who will walk through how he has navigated bringing his team back to work, including safety protocols that he has implemented and research he has shared with his team.

Aired: July 21

Presented by: Ali Oromchian, JD, LL.M & Jonathan Levine, DMD

Unpacking the Complicated Business of Adding Specialists to the General Practice

Join Dr. Charles Blair, dentistry’s leading authority on insurance coding strategies, fee positioning, and strategic planning, for a review of the practical implications involved in adding specialists to the general dental practice.

Aired: July 28

Presented by: Charles Blair, DDS

Your Dental Office Lease: Why Now is the Time to Negotiate, Renegotiate, Expand or Relocate

Join Eric Pook, Managing Director of Cirrus Consulting Group, one of North America’s preeminent commercial real estate and lease negotiation firms for dentists, for a deep dive into what the current leasing climate means to dental practices.

Aired: August 4

Presented by: Eric Pook, Managing Director of Cirrus Consulting Group

PPO Planning Session: Go-to Strategies to Assess, Adjust & Negotiate Your Way to Higher Profitability

Join Scott Hironaka for an overview of actionable steps to get started with assessing and improving your PPO strategy and revenue, including navigating he complexity of PPO and umbrella network participation; negotiating better terms; and PPO optimization case studies.

Aired: August 11

Presented by: Scott Hironaka, Vice President, Unitas Dental

Practice Growth: Hiring an Associate & Long-Term Impact to Practice Value

Join Dr. Thomas Snyder, who will discuss considerations for hiring an associate,
including whether now is the right time, how to ensure a new associate's success, and
the projected impact to your practice's value.

Aired: August 25

Presented by: Tom Snyder, Senior Director, Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions

Forming an Effective Partnership: Financial & Business Considerations

Join Dr. Thomas Snyder, who will review the intricacies involved in properly planning a partnership, including economic considerations, common business entities and buy-in strategies, key issues to address in any partnership agreement, and more.

Aired: September 15

Presented by: Tom Snyder, Senior Director, Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions

From PPOs to Fee-for-Service: Turnkey Transition Plan

Join Dr. Gary Light, practicing dentist and fee-for-service transition coach, for a review of proven strategies and tools for planning and executing a PPO to fee-for-service transition.

Aired: October 15

Presented by: Gary Light, DMD

2020 Year-End HR Recap: FFCRA & Other Critical Updates

Join Ali Oromchian, HR for Health co-founder and renowned employment attorney, for a year-end review detailing exactly what dentists need to know to keep their practice compliant and avoid unknown legal risks now and in 2021.

Aired: November 9

Presented by: Ali Oromchian, JD, LL.M

Step-by-Step: Finding Your Dream Associateship

Join Cindy Bickers with Henry Schein’s Nationwide Dental Opportunities for a step-by-step review from starting your search to negotiating your employment agreement, including how/where to begin your search, reviewing sources of job leads, preparing for an interview, and more.

Aired: November 10

Presented by: Cindy Bickers, Manager of Nationwide Dental Opportunities, Henry Schein Dental

Will 2021 be the Year to Complete Your Practice Transition?

Join Dr. Thomas Snyder and Eileen Anderson for an update on practice values and considerations for successfully selling your practice in 2021, as well as how 2021 practice valuations will likely be conducted, bank financing and impact of PPP loans on practice sales, and more.

Aired: November 17

Presented by: Tom Snyder, Senior Director, & Eileen Anderson, Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions

How to: Secure Lease Concessions in a Tenant-Favorable Market

Join Eric Pook for a discussion on key considerations for relocating vs. renegotiating your current lease, as well as seven financial negotiables in your lease, how to leverage the current favorable renter's market, winning strategies to negotiate a lease during COVID-19, and key lease terms to consider.

Aired: November 18

Presented by: Eric Pook, Partner, Cirrus Consulting Group

Special Report: PPO 2020 Year-End Update

Join Matt Hironaka for an in-depth review of changes made throughout the year, as well as their possible impacts to participating dental practices, as well as simple changes practices can make to take advantage of recent updates in PPO plan, 'network sharing', and more.

Aired: November 23

Presented by: Matt Hironaka, Chief Operating Officer and In-House Counsel, Unitas PPO Solutions

Teledentistry Billing, Coding & Implementation: Your Questions Answered

Join Jamie Collins for a review of best practices for implementing teledentistry into your practice, how to identify and correctly use CDT and evaluation codes for teledentistry, and a review of teledentistry legislative resources.

Aired: December 2

Presented by: Jamie Collins, RSH-EA, BS, Teledentistry Specialist - MouthWatch

Practice Startup Blueprint: Location, Property & Patient Base

Join Dr. Tom Snyder, Eric Pook, and Jim Hammon for a topical review of key considerations related to practice startup. The panelists touch on lease negotiations and the current real estate market, planning a project, and strategies to build your initial patient base.

Aired: December 3

Presented by: Dr. Thomas Snyder, Senior Direction, Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions; Eric Pook, Partner, Cirrus Consulting Group; Jim Hammon, Equipment Specialist

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